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Pacoima Beautiful (PB) began with grassroots and community based support in 1996,when it engaged residents in neighborhood clean-up campaigns and community improvement projects to reduce the large amount of trash and bulky items that were being dumped on the streets in their community. From its beginnings PB designed and implemented community engagement projects to encourage environmental education and action projects initiated by residents. PB was established as a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization in February 1999.

In 2000,PB and California State University,Northridge (CSUN) administered a community survey,conducted by residents teamed with university students,to assess the community’s knowledge about environmental health hazards. That survey began seven years of work dedicated to community environmental health education leading to the reduction of environmental health hazards.

In 2002,PB helped form the Environmental Health Committee (EHC) under Valley Care Community Consortium. Through the EHC research was conducted on lead poisoning in Pacoima. In August 2003,the EHC hosted a Roundtable to share findings on the research with more than 40 community stakeholders,including residents and local elected officials. Through participation in the EHC,and with assistance from the Washington based Alliance for Healthy Homes,PB started its Safer Homes for a Healthy Community (SH) program. SH has successfully served more than 2,500 residents each year in reducing lead poisoning,asthma triggers and home health hazards.

In 2004,the PBYES program became the research component of Pacoima Beautiful. Since then PBYES has focused on creating youth lead environmental projects that gather and present environmental community focused research findings. More than 500 high school students participated in the program through June 2007.

In 2006,the Community Inspector program,always the grassroots arm of PB,became focused on educating residents in local schools to identify sources of toxics in the community. More than 200 residents participated in the program in 2006 and 2007.

Since 2007,Pacoima Beautiful reached thousands of residents through our Youth Environmentalists (PBYES),Pollution Reduction and Mitigation,and Community Planning work.