Clean Up, Green Up
The Clean Up Green Up environmental health policy proposal would establish Green Zones in three target areas, Pacoima, Boyle Heights and Wilmington, combining economic incentives with traditional planning tools to reduce and prevent pollution. It promotes collaboration among government agencies, residents and businesses. The Clean Up Green Up policy offers the promise of a balanced solution to the problem of the over concentration of polluting land uses adjacent to homes, schools, parks and other sensitive uses.

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For more information, call Felipe Escobar or Mayra Soto at (818) 899-2454

Don't Waste LA

Pacoima Beautiful joined the Don't Waste LA coaltion to advocate for a waste and recycling industry that is environmentally sustainable for all Angelenos. In December 2016, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to approve the Zero Waste LA exclusive franchise system. Zero Waste LA was designed to replace the open-market system of waste disposal in which multiple trucks from different hauling companies provided services along the same streets in the same day. For boulevards like Glenoaks and Van Nuys that are in close proximity to schools, places of worship and shops this meant heavy wear-and-tear on the roads and increased exposure to air pollution to all residents.
The approval of the exclusive franchise system was a huge victory for the coalition who fought vigorously to ensure the environmental protection of all Angelenos. The city of LA has since been broken down into 11 zones with 7 waste haulers. With this new waste management system, the city of LA will work towards:

  • Diverting 90% of its waste from landfills by 2025
  • Providing access to recycling to residents and businesses
  • Expanding compost collection
  • Creating safe and green jobs

The Don’t Waste LA coalition is dedicated to ensuring that the agencies working on the successful implementation of this new system are held accountable.

Check out the commercial waste franchise zones - Map

Check out how Zero Waste LA will work- A New System for Waste and Recycling

RePower LA

RePower LA is a citywide coalition that advocates for a community oriented LADWP that focuses its resources on leading the city out of its reliance on dirty energy, whilst providing Angelenos access to green and reliable jobs. Over the years coalition members have dedicated their efforts to making LADWP a more equitable and sustainable utility by:

  • Working to increase investment in clean and renewable energy programs like the Home Energy Improvement Program and the Solar Rooftops Pilot Program
  • Holding the utility accountable by instituting the Equity Metrics Data Initiative (EMDI) that publicly tracks the effectiveness of LADWP to serve its ratepayers
  • Supporting the Utility Pre-Craft Trainee (UPCT) program in its efforts to diversify its recruits
  • Developing and recruiting leaders among ratepayers to strengthen the coalition’s efforts and ensure that ratepayers take ownership of the nation’s largest public utility

Pacoima Beautiful is cognizant of the extreme heat and need for quality jobs in the Northeast Valley and as a coalition member is committed to increasing the access residents have to cleaner energy, programs that provide money and energy saving opportunities and the potential for green jobs.

We are passionate about spreading clean energy awareness with our community in ways that our interactive, educational and exciting. Check out our 2nd Annual Turn on the Sun video to experience clean energy in Pacoima:


OurWaterLA is a countywide coalition dedicated to improving the present condition of Los Angeles County’s water system. OurWaterLA is working to improve the county’s quality of life by changing the discourse communities, businesses and local leaders have on the Earth’s most precious resource— water. The coalition is committed to creating a water future that will work to:

  • Increase water conservation efforts targeting sources of water like rainfall and runoff
  • Address weather variability and provide protection against droughts, flooding and extreme heat
  • Revitalize disadvantaged communities by providing green space for cooling and recreational purposes
  • Transition Los Angeles County into a green economy through job growth focused on safeguarding public health through increased water sustainability