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Complete Streets

Students March for Slower Traffic

Caminos del Pueblo/Complete Streets Campaign

Caminos del Pueblo means Streets are for People!  Are you excited about making Pacoima healthier,safer,and more fun?  Do you walk,bike,or take transit?  Then join our membership and help us improve conditions to make the healthy choice,the easy choice!  You can download our flyer in English and Spanish.

An estimated one of every three residents in Pacoima don’t have consistent access to  a car.  PB is working with residents,the LA County Department of Public Health,and other allies to realize complete streets infrastructure investments and promote safe,convenient,comfortable and interesting conditions for those who walk,bike,and take the  bus.

The Caminos del Pueblo campaign is engaged in three strategies for change:

  • Community Design and Long-term Vision:Residents participate and lead input gathering on current conditions and priorities through design workshops,surveys and walk audits to build towards a more safe comfortable,and inviting Pacoima.  This feedback will guide future planning decisions and inform potential projects.
  • Civic Engagement and Advocacy:We facilitate participation in the planning process through People’s Planning School spokesperson and issue trainings,and staff collaboration with decision-makers and allies in pursuit of fair and community-appropriate infrastructure investments,such as through Metro,and LADOT Bikeways.
  • Grassroots-driven Tangible Projects:While working towards longer-term investments and vision goals,we also create grassroots-driven projects,such as tree planting,public art,and events like PARK(ing) Day.  We also partner with our youth to promote walking and biking.

Youth Pubic Art Projects

Community Complete Street Priorities

Through an extensive community input process,we identified residents’priorities for improving Pacoima’s streets for people.  You can download a powerpoint of our findings here.  They were:

—Safety and Traffic Calming

  • Bulb Outs
  • Pedestrian Crossing
  • Signalization
  • Bikeways (lanes,paths,and bike-friendly streets)

—Quality of Life

  • Transit Accommodations
    • Bus stop amenities
    • Bike amenities
  • Landscape Elements


  • Improving conditions promotes activity
  • Reducing speeds and auto traffic improves air quality
We worked with the Community Redevelopment Agency,Psomas engineers,and Campbell and Campbell landscape architects to create a streetscape improvement project that reflected these priorities,including curb extensions near bus stops,medians,street trees and street lights,cross-walks and ramps,trash cans and benches,bike lanes and racks,sidewalk repair and new sidewalks,and a planted parkway on San Fernando Road.  We were all very pleased with the proposal;unfortunately due to state budget cuts the CRA/LA was forced to close.  We are currently seeking other funding sources for these important improvements and will continue community input gathering for our other corridors through our Urban Greening project.  Lauren Ahkiam coordinated the campaign funded by the RENEW project of the LA County Health Department;Ken Frederick will continue the work on this project through the Urban Greening project,contact him here.

People's Planning Graduation

People’s Planning School

Download our People’s Planning School Toolkit here!  From January through June of 2011,PB hosted a special workshop series and resident committee to promote community leadership of the planning process.  We presented about our People’s Planning School at the 2012 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference in San Diego;you can see a PDF of the presentation here.  You can play an online version of the Blocks and Lots zoning game we played (created by Gilda Haas and Rosten Wood) here.  We plan to continue hosting this workshop series in future – for more information call us at (818) 899 –2454.

City Politics and Us:The Big Picture

Learn how to navigate local politics,Land Use 101,get introduced to our Cumulative Impacts and Caminos del Pueblo/Complete Streets campaigns which use planning to improve life for Pacoima residents,and participate in a spokesperson’s training!

Complete Streets and Design in Our Community:The Local Picture

What is “urban design”and why is it important?  How can we shape the future design of Pacoima?  Also,learn how we can make Pacoima safer,healthier,more comfortable and pleasant through Complete Streets!  Participate in community design workshops and community walks to make a new vision for Pacoima’s streets.

Our Community,Our Family,Our Streets!

We’ll have trainings on cyclist and pedestrian rights and safety,and an intro to bike mechanics!  Learn about healthy eating and food access issues,as well as waste diversion and the local eco-system.  And find out who to call when you have an issue!

People's Planning School

Requesting Streetscape Improvements

While there are limited funds,you can request certain improvements from different city departments,especially if you are able to partner with them on maintenance.

  • Big picture plans:Tell the City of LA how you feel about transportation moving forward in the city –which streets should have a priority for public transportation,walking,biking,auto or industrial traffic?  Which forms of transportation do you use,or wish it were easier to use?  What do you want “LA2B”?  Share your ideas through the city’s LA2B town hall on the web here,or by phone at (213) 935-0385.
  • Bikes:Request bike parking racks through LADOT’s Bicycle Services on the web here.  You can see the 2010 Bike Plan here and a map of the first round of proposed projects here.  You can share your support for projects by calling (213) 972-4962 or email.
  • Public transit:  Find out more about Metro’s proposed East San Fernando Valley project on our website here or Metro’s site here,and let them know what you think by calling (818) 276-3233,going to their FaceBook page,or email at!  You can request a bus bench by emailing - you can find out more about the bus bench program on their website here and in an LA Streetsblog article.
  • Street conditions:Contact the Bureau of Street Services to report potholes,broken sidewalks,or dangerous tree roots,or other issues by calling 311 or 1(800) 996-CITY,reporting it online here,or by email them at
  • Lighting:Contact the Bureau of Street Lighting to report street lighting outages by calling 311 or 1(800) 303-LAMP or reporting it online here, or email them at
  • Community Cleanup:Residents,business owners,and organizations can partner with the Office of Community Beautification to reduce graffiti and littering through a number of programs.  For more info,check out their website,contact Salyna Cun at the OCB at (213) 978-1041 or by email.
    • You can partner with the city to provide trash services in public areas through the Adopt a Basket program –the city will provide the trash basket and the bin liners,all you have to do is put the trash bag in with your usual trash pickup.
    • You can also help reduce graffiti and litter through the Adopt a Spot program.  OCB will provide supplies like rakes,paint and rollers,and trash bags if you agree to keep a “spot”in your neighborhood looking good!
    • You can even partner with the city to take care of a median and parkways on a street near you!
    • If you are a business owner,you can also work with OCB and the Hollywood Beautification Team to plant vines to grow on walls that get tagged a lot to help prevent graffiti.  For this program,contact Paul Racs at (213) 978-0229.

Families at PARKing Day