Kris Fortin

The Power of Solar

Friday, March 3, 2017
By PB Superadmin

The residents of Pacoima and its surrounding communities recently experienced the hottest summer ever recorded in California. For these communities record heat is synonymous to high energy usage— in order to stay cool in over 100 degree weather ACs and refrigerators need to be cranked up. High-energy usage affects the residents of Pacoima on an economic and environmental level.

Higher electricity bills mean the working class families of Pacoima need to spend more of their income on energy. The potential of blackouts occurring during summertime also burden communities like Pacoima that are in close proximity to power plants that operate to create extra diesel power for households. The burning of diesel fuel is infamous for being a source of greenhouse gas emissions. Pacoima residents live in environmentally unjust conditions, where dirty sources of energy affect health conditions and destabilize families financially.

Clean and renewable sources of energy like solar are safer alternatives and can be economically beneficial for disadvantaged communities. Lighting up homes with affordable solar systems is a sustainability strategy that can be implemented by public agencies to create carbon free energy production that would work to alleviate the pollution that dirty energy creates. Extending access to clean energy to all communities regardless of socio-economic class will reduce the toll pollution has on disadvantaged communities and relieve the economic strain that energy has on families.

Click on the videos below to find out what our community members have to say about what the transition to clean and renewable energy means to their community.