David Diaz

David Diaz


Youth Organizer

David Diaz is a recent graduate from CSUN with a degree in environmental and occupational health with a minor in GIS. David has a deep passion for environmental research and community engagement. Through his work at CSUN he was able to partner with YUTEP to investigate the spatial distribution of air pollutants in the Northeast San Fernando valley. It was through this research that David discovered his passion for youth engagement in research related projects. Today, David is passionate about engaging youth in policy and creating programming that will help develop young leaders.

David, who grew up in the Northeast Valley, understands the barriers that exist in our community as well as how much heart and passion our members have when it comes to caring for one another. David leads with his heart and will always make time to understand what his community needs. David is a passionate soul who will do everything in his power to uplift those around him