Bradley Green Alley

The Bradley Green Alley will undergo construction to add interactive green space to the community that will enhance water quality in our rivers, and ocean, increase groundwater recharge in the San Fernando Groundwater Basin and alleviate nuisance flooding. The seating, lighting and art that will activate this space was selected by the community throughout various community workshops.


Pacoima Wash - 8th Street Park

The Pacoima Wash Natural Park is a 4.7 acre multiple-benefit park in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. The park was formally a vacant lot that now provides recreation as well as wild life habitat via drought tolerate California native plants. The improvements that were made to this area were informed by the Pacoima Wash Vision Plan that was superheaded by the Pacoima Wash Initiative Partners.


Bradley Plaza

Bradley Plaza is a converted one block of roadway on Bradley Ave. between Van Nuys  Blvd. and the San Fernando Gardens. This plaza is not only an inviting public space but a hub for programming and services offered by a variety of local non-profits. When the project was proposed to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation for the People St. Program the goal was to activate a public space that would be able to unite residents together to create a stronger and more resilient Pacoima. Over the years, the plaza has hosted hundreds of residents for family friendly events!



SB 258

On October 15, 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown signed California Senate Bill 258, the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017. SB 258 requires manufacturers of cleaning products to disclose the chemical ingredients used on the product label and on the manufacturer’s website. Pacoima Beautiful supported this bill and took part in local and state level advocacy to insure that the needs of our community were voiced in the Capitol.


Clean Up Green Up

The Clean Up Green Up environmental health policy proposal established  Green Zones in three target areas, Pacoima, Boyle Heights and Wilmington, combining economic incentives with traditional planning tools to reduce and prevent pollution. It promotes collaboration among government agencies, residents and businesses.  The Clean Up Green Up policy offers the promise of a balanced solution to the problem of the overconcentration of polluting land uses adjacent to homes, schools, parks and other sensitive uses.