Often times residents share their homegrown fruits, veggies and herbs with their families and friends, but more often than not these homegrown goods go bad. Sometimes we’re just a few avocados away from a healthy guacamole, or a few oranges away from a great source of vitamin filled juice, Pacoima Beautiful sees this as both a challenge and great opportunity. With Mercado Pacoima we have created a public space where residents build community and get the opportunity to donate or walk away with the excess harvest of grown locally in our own community. Together we work to create a healthier and stronger community that is less dependent on overpriced grocery chains and local fast food restaurants.



Pacoima Beautiful provides green cleaning workshops to community groups who are interested in creating a healthier environment inside their homes. During our workshops we provide residents with the natural ingredients and information needed to replace the toxic chemicals that are used in cleaning products. All workshop participants leave knowing that a mix of white vinegar and water can sanitize any counter top without the worry of exposing their families to bleach or ammonia. With high asthma rates in environmental justice communities like Pacoima, it is a true gift to help our families breathe easy inside their homes.


The Safer Homes for a Healthy Community Program is a lead-poisoning prevention effort aimed at reducing in-home environmental health risks that are known to pose risks to residents of Pacoima, particularly children ages 0-6. The Safer Homes Program helps residents eliminate lead poisoning and reduce asthma triggers and other environmental home health hazards in Pacoima homes through education, pro-active solution building and advocacy.