Pacoima Beautiful is a grassroots environmental justice organization that provides education, impacts local policy, and supports local arts and culture in order to promote a healthy and sustainable San Fernando Valley.


Planting grassroots since 1996

Pacoima Beautiful was founded in 1996 by 5 relentless mothers who became distraught by the unpleasant sight of trash and toxic smells they endured while walking their young children to school. They knew that the only way to create a safer and cleaner community for their children and neighbors was through collective action, and so like good neighbors they joined forces to bring Pacoima some of its first major community clean-ups and tree planting events. The beautification projects of our founding mothers set the grassroots foundation that our historically women led organization has stood by for the past 22 years. Today Pacoima Beautiful is the only environmental justice organization in the Northeast San Fernando Valley striving for community improvement. We are a dedicated team of leaders, planners, organizers, health promoters and advocates for a healthier and safer Northeast San Fernando Valley.


Electro-Share is the only affordable ride share program for the community.

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Veronica Padilla-Campos

Executive Director
Veronica grew up in Sun Valley and now lives in Sylmar with her family. She serves as a City of Los Angeles Planning Commissioner and as an Urban Planner works to improve the welfare of people by creating equitable, healthy, and safer communities.

Yesenia Cruz

Youth Programs Director
Yesenia was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and raised in Sonoma County. She is passionate about providing youth the resources they need to achieve a higher education. Yesenia focuses on supporting youth through YUTEP, tutoring and College Corner .

Maria Guzman

Health Promoter
As a Health Promoter and mother of two, Maria is dedicated to creating a safe and healthy environment for her children and community. She stays busy planning Mercado Pacoima to make sure that more families receive the healthy foods they need.

Felipe Escobar

Organizing Director
Felipe is driven by his experiences growing up in the industry laden SFV. As a passionate organizer he works with community members to enhance their position as environmental justice leaders.

Margarita Lopez-Pelayo

Organizing Manager
Margarita was born in Mexico City, and raised in Pacoima. She has dedicated her life to community organizing in the NESFV. As a passionate organizer and mother, she works with community members to activate their inner leader and advocate for environmental justice in our Pacoima Beautiful.

Celia Contreras

Youth Coordinator
Celia grew up in Pacoima and is driven to work with her community towards a safer and more sustainable NESFV. She is passionate about environmental justice issues that directly affect her community and aims to cultivate environmental justice leaders for future generations.

Stephaney Paz

Grants Manager
Stephaney grew up in Pacoima and experienced firsthand the positive changes that a community can achieve when nonprofits work at the grassroots level. She feels fortunate to be able to work for an organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for the NESFV.

David Rodriguez

Operations Manager
David’s involvement with PB flourished from the organization’s student development program in 2010. Since then, David has been a committed advocate for PB and its organizational staff. He is proud to service our team and the community that he was raised in.

Andres Rivera

Communications Director
Andrés RHIPS Rivera is a Brand Strategist. As a consultant, he uses design thinking to surface comprehensive solutions to market business initiatives and communications challenges.

Dora Frietze-Armenta

Lead Project Planner

Gabriel Carrillo

Community Organizer

Juan Cabrera

Social Media Specialist – Green Together
Juan Cabrera is a Social Media Specialist who has worked with various non-profit organizations in Los Angeles County. He implements and optimizes social media strategies to generate meaningful interaction. Juan is committed to bringing attention to social issues and advancing equity through the use of social platforms.

Vianey Moreno

Youth Organizer
Vianey has five years of experience working alongside youth in outdoor exploration, the arts, and leadership development in the Northeast San Fernando Valley and throughout Los Angeles. Previously, she interned at Pacoima Beautiful and was a Crew Boss for PB’s Jr. Field Rangers Program. Her roots in advocating for the protection of our local environment with youth started when she co-founded Imagine Green, Pacoima Beautiful’s environmental school club at Cesar Chavez Learning Academies.

Michelle Gutierrez

Operations Administrator
Michelle Gutierrez, a local of Pacoima, initially became involved with Pacoima Beautiful through YUTEP in 2018. Since then, Michelle has participated in a multitude of programs and internships provided by Pacoima Beautiful. Through this involvement Michelle has grown a passion for her community and social justice.

Teodora Reyes

Community Organizer
Teodora Reyes, the last of 6 children, grew up throughout the San Fernando Valley—where she joined Pacoima Beautiful as a Youth United Towards Environmental Protection (YUTEP) member. Since 2015, she’s been an active member helping with community events such as Mercado Pacoima and advocating for community health, including removing toxic sites in the community.

David Diaz

Youth Organizer
David Diaz is a recent graduate from CSUN with a degree in environmental and occupational health with a minor in GIS. David has a deep passion for environmental research and community engagement. Through his work at CSUN he was able to partner with YUTEP to investigate the spatial distribution of air pollutants in the Northeast San Fernando valley.