We are leading the campaign calling for the shutdown of Whiteman Airport. Not many people from our neighborhood own airplanes housed at Whiteman. Not many people from our community work at Whiteman. Not many youths from our community are invited to participate in airport programs. Meanwhile airplanes keep crashing in the neighborhood. Our health gets worse from breathing emissions from Whiteman airplanes. The airplanes flying at all hours impact the quality of our lives. Los Angeles County is the owner of Whiteman Airport and has the power to decide the airport’s fate.

Ya Basta, Cierren Whiteman

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Join the fight for a safe, sustainable, green and healthy San Fernando Valley. The rate of airplane crashes in our community is alarming. Since 2020, there has been three airplane crashes in our community. Two of which have been fatal. That is why we are demanding that Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors prioritize the public safety of Pacoima residents and immediately Shutdown Whiteman airport.

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