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As the convening organization with the Shutdown Whiteman Airport Coalition, Pacoima Beautiful is calling on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to Shutdown Whiteman Airport and prioritize the public safety of Pacoima residents living under the flightpath.

Join the call to shutdown Whiteman airport, show your support by signing the petition today.

Community calls for the shutdown of Whiteman Airport

The Problem with Whiteman Airport

Join the fight for a safe, sustainable, green and healthy San Fernando Valley. The rate of airplane crashes in our community is alarming. Since 2020, there has been three airplane crashes in our community. Two of which have been fatal. That is why we are demanding that Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors prioritize the public safety of Pacoima residents and immediately Shutdown Whiteman airport.

About The Campaign

Community members show up in support of the closure of Whiteman Airport

Sign the Petition to Shutdown Whiteman Airport

We are calling on the county of Los Angeles to shutdown whiteman. For 75 years Whiteman Airport has been more detrimental than beneficial to our community. There has been far too many crashes in the community. Prioritize the public safety of Pacoima residents, shut it down!

I Support the Shutdown

News & Press

William J. Fox Airfield is situated in the Antelope Valley, 5 miles away from Lancaster. In contrast, Whiteman Airport is located in the heart of Pacoima, a crosswalk away from a densely populated community.

Increasing Air Pollution & Reducing Jobs at Whiteman Airport

The Los Angeles Aviation Commission approved a proposal to provide full-serve and self-serve fueling for aviation gas services at Whiteman Airport and General William J. Fox Airfield. William J. Fox Airfield is situated 5 miles away from Lancaster, while Whiteman Airport is located a crosswalk away from a densely populated community.

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Residents of Pacoima protesting for the Shutdown of Whiteman Airport

Advisory Committee to Recommend Shutting Down Whiteman Airport to Supervisors

Whiteman Airport in Pacoima was pushed another step toward closure after the Community Advisory Committee voted in favor of recommending the airport be shut down. 

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Shutdown Whiteman Airport Campaign victory!

Victory! The public safety concerns of Pacoima residents were heard!

When people talk about Pacoima, they might bring up mural mile or the Hanson Dam Aquatic Center as highlights of living in town.

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Shutdown Whiteman Airport

Aunque parezca increíble, en estos vecindarios temen que sigan cayendo aviones del cielo

Eva Ávalos estaba en su patio cuando una aeronave se accidentó en su calle de Pacoima, California, en noviembre de 2020. Poco después sucedió otro caso. La preocupación de muchos es que estos incidentes se están volviendo frecuentes en distintos estados.

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Children call for the shutdown of Whiteman Airport

Lead spews from some Southern California airports; cleaner fuel is coming

Both of Lori Shepler’s 5-year-old twins have had serious health problems throughout their young lives. She keeps a particularly close watch on Ayla, who’s in remission from cancer that cost her a kidney and regularly deals with respiratory issues.

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LA Times Today: After plane crashes and close calls, pressure mounts to close this L.A. airport

Neighbors near the Whiteman Airport in Pacoima are calling for its closure.

They say it’s a threat to public safety, after more than a dozen crashes have been reported at or near the airport over the last decade.

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