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South LA organizations plan launch of new e-bike program

LOS ANGELES — As the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference kicks off in Dubai, local community organizations are also launching new efforts to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality, particularly neighborhoods that are most susceptible to high pollution.

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REI Cooperative Action Fund makes record investment, contributing $6.1 million to more than 260 organizations creating a more equitable outdoors

SEATTLE – The REI Cooperative Action Fund is making its largest-ever investment, distributing $6.1 million to 264 nonprofit organizations working to create a more equitable outdoors.

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News and Press

Community members participate in an Earth Day Clean Up

Pacoima Beautiful: Empowering Environmental Justice in a Vibrant Community

It’s always great to hang out with community activists and advocates who love their ‘hood as much as CoCo loves South Central.

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SB 54: Not a Fairytale Ending for EJ Communities

What is “SB 54” ?

SB 54 is the first legislation in United States history to set specific producer reduction goals to address plastic packaging.

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William J. Fox Airfield is situated in the Antelope Valley, 5 miles away from Lancaster. In contrast, Whiteman Airport is located in the heart of Pacoima, a crosswalk away from a densely populated community.

Increasing Air Pollution & Reducing Jobs at Whiteman Airport

The Los Angeles Aviation Commission approved a proposal to provide full-serve and self-serve fueling for aviation gas services at Whiteman Airport and General William J. Fox Airfield. William J. Fox Airfield is situated 5 miles away from Lancaster, while Whiteman Airport is located a crosswalk away from a densely populated community.

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Community members participate in an Earth Day Clean Up

How Donations Help Pacoima Beautiful Promote Environmental Justice In An Underserved Community

In a Nutshell: Los Angeles neighborhood Pacoima has been subjected to pollution from nearby airports, freeways, and power plants for many decades. In response, local mothers started Pacoima Beautiful, a nonprofit with volunteer and advocacy wings, to seek environmental justice for residents.

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Residents of Pacoima protesting for the Shutdown of Whiteman Airport

Advisory Committee to Recommend Shutting Down Whiteman Airport to Supervisors

Whiteman Airport in Pacoima was pushed another step toward closure after the Community Advisory Committee voted in favor of recommending the airport be shut down. 

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Adopt-A-Tree Program

The Green Together Collaborative Is Cooling Pacoima, One Tree At A Time

Los Angeles, CA, – Green Together Collaborative members Pacoima Beautiful (PB), the leading San Fernando Valley environmental justice organization, and the LA Conservation Corps (LACC), one of the nation’s largest urban conservation corps, plan to combat extreme heat by expanding the tree canopy to cool down the San Fernando Valley and they are starting in Pacoima.

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City Council Scandal

Racist Conversation between LA City Leaders

Pacoima Beautiful unequivocally denounces the anti-black and anti-indigenous rhetoric used by Los Angeles City Councilmembers.

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Children call for the shutdown of Whiteman Airport

Lead spews from some Southern California airports; cleaner fuel is coming

Both of Lori Shepler’s 5-year-old twins have had serious health problems throughout their young lives. She keeps a particularly close watch on Ayla, who’s in remission from cancer that cost her a kidney and regularly deals with respiratory issues.

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Ve y Vota: Foro Comunitario - Pacoima

El Fondo Educativo NALEO, Telemundo 52 y NBC4 organizaron un foro comunitario para discutir los temas más importantes para su comunidad y la ciudad de Los Angeles.

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Organización dirigida por mujeres ayuda a Pacoima

Lo que comenzó como un esfuerzo para mantener limpia la comunidad se ha extendido a servicios a la comunidad.

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How One Los Angeles Neighborhood Is Guarding Against Deadly Heat

As temperatures hit triple digits on a blue-sky July day in the Los Angeles community of Pacoima, families escape the heat at a local park. Many of the surrounding homes lack air conditioning, and the neighborhood’s sparse stands of towering palm trees provide scant shelter from the sun.

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Innovative new way one neighborhood is trying to cool their community

A Los Angeles neighborhood is beating the heat in a creative way with a fresh coat of paint that is turning out to be a cool solution.

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Pavimento especial ayuda a enfriar calles en Pacoima

Un proyecto se centrará en enfriar 10 cuadras de Pacoima, que sufre el efecto del calor urbano.

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LA Times Today: After plane crashes and close calls, pressure mounts to close this L.A. airport

Neighbors near the Whiteman Airport in Pacoima are calling for its closure.

They say it’s a threat to public safety, after more than a dozen crashes have been reported at or near the airport over the last decade.

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Electro Bici Fleet being unloaded

A Free E-Bike Lending Program Just Launched In The San Fernando Valley. Here’s How It Works

A new mobility program will give Northeast San Fernando Valley residents access to free e-bikes.

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Electro Bici Fleet

Pacoima Beautiful Wants to Take Community on an E-Bike Ride

Starting today, June 16, Pacoima residents and businesses may see a sprinkling of orange-red bikes and their riders cruising through its streets and roadways.

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Electro Bici riders stop to admire the neighborhood art

Electric bike share program launches in Pacoima

The San Fernando Valley's first electric bike share program launched in the Pacoima Monday.

The Electro-Bici program is a partnership between several Pacoima community groups and made possible in part with a $500,000 grant from the LADWP.

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“Pasan muy cerca de la casa y da miedo”: comunidad de Pacoima pide el cierre del aeropuerto Whiteman

13 accidentes relacionados al aeropuerto Whiteman se han registrado en los últimos 10 años, el más reciente en enero de este año cuando una avioneta se estrelló con las vías del tren cercanas.

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Congressman calls for temporary closure, investigation of Whiteman Airport

Following several recent plane crashes at Whiteman Airport in Pacoima, Rep. Tony Cárdenas, D-Panorama City, called Monday on Los Angeles County and the Federal Aviation Administration to place a 30-day moratorium on flights at the airport and conduct a safety audit.

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After plane crashes and close calls, pressure mounts to close this L.A. airport

The day the plane fell from the sky, Eva Avalos was sipping coffee under her mulberry tree.

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Activists call for closure of Whiteman Airport

LOS ANGELES — Community members in Pacoima are calling for the closure of Whiteman Airport.

They say it’s dangerous for people who live in the area because of recent crashes.

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Community calls for the shutdown of Whiteman Airport

Pacoima Beautiful calls for the shutdown of Whiteman Airport, Public Safety concerns residents are raising should be taken seriously and prioritized

Pacoima, CA – First off, we extend our sincere condolences to the relatives of the pilots who passed due to the plane crash that occurred in Sylmar off the 210 freeway in the afternoon, Wednesday, April 20, 2022. Any loss of life is tragic.

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Pacoima locals call for Whiteman Airport's closure after fatal plane crash

After yet another airplane crash stemming from Whiteman Airport in Pacoima, said to be the 78th to date, residents are voicing their concerns yet again - calling for its closure.

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