The Panorama Community Parks Planners Program was a six-weeks workshop series done virtually and in-person focused on creating values, vision, and identification of potential park project sites in Panorama City. Three components make up the program, the workshop series, evaluating and assessing improvements on their local parks, and identifying green spaces in Panorama for potential parks. 

In the workshop series, program participants learned about environmental justice, the multi-benefits of parks, passive and pocket parks, and how parks are funded for renovations. The second component in the program was gathering park assessments on the renovations for their local parks in Panorama City; we noticed a high need for park access primarily at two locations, Tobias Avenue Park and Sepulveda Recreation Park. Park assessments covered feedback on improvements to walkways, restrooms, playgrounds, landscaping, parking, lighting, programming, and park safety.

The last component is aimed at expanding green spaces in Panorama, program participants identified green spaces that will serve as a guide for identification and development of successful park proposals for Panorama City.  Pacoima Beautiful hopes this process will serve as a model for successful community oriented and equity focused parks development. Ultimately our goal is to see an improvement in the health and wellbeing of the Panorama City community by improving access to green/open space.

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