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AIR Program

The Artist in Residence Program is an interdisciplinary approach to supporting and celebrating artists' creative production, culture, workforce development, and use of art as a form of environmental advocacy in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. The AIR Program provides artists a shared creative space at our Art Incubator where they have access to formal exhibition space, and work force development training through programming that fosters learning. leadership, mentorship and creative thinking. The artists that participate in this program are rotated generally every 3 months.



Clean Energy Art Exhibit

As an environmental justice organization, we continuously spread awareness and advocate for renewable sources of energy that promote a more sustainable future and we do this through coalition work and the arts! During this exhibit we feature art pieces that depict clean sources of energy such as water, wind, sun and waves. This theme is open to interpretation by artists submitting their work!

Museo Al Aire Libre

Our Museo-al-Aire Libre (Open Air Museum), is made up a series of murals painted on six - 8ft by 8ft wooden panels installed outside of the LADWP facility located on Van Nuys Blvd. They give this corridor a creative touch, but most of all they are the perfect platform to display the arts and culture that exists in Pacoima. The panels have been rotated once a year, and the community has fully embraced these art installations as their own!

Project ARTvertise

Pacoima Beautiful and OUTFRONT/JCDecaux, partnered up for Project: ARTvertise; designed to change the transit rider experience, by using art to activate bus shelters along Van Nuys Blvd. 34 pieces were selected to be displayed on eleven selected bus shelters along the Van Nuys corridor between Laurel Canyon Blvd and Glenoaks Blvd (a 1.6 mile stretch). These pieces will continue to be rotated giving numerous artists an opportunity to become creative engineers in their community.


Art In Motion

Art in Motion is spearheaded by The Gr818ers in collaboration with the 6 AIR as an Open House event where the community can meet and interact with our current artists and their creations. You can always count on art, music, poetry and dance during Art In Motion!


Noche de Artesanías

To support local artisans and their entrepreneurship we host Noche de Artesanías (Artisan Night) in conjunction with The GR818ERS where residents skip the lines and the headaches at the mall during the busy holiday season, and instead come together to support our second night market for the community, by the community!

AIR Block Party

Our AIR Block Parties feature a full activation of the Arts Incubator and an environmental justice themed art exhibit. It would not be a party without the live music, food, art and dancing that our attendees get to enjoy!



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