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Recurrence: Weekly on Wednesday, 3 - 5pm for 6 times

Pacoima Beautiful|12510 Van Nuys Boulevard|Suite 302, 3rd floor|Los Angeles, CA 91331-1321

SFV Recovery Hub is assisting 12 Community-Based Organizations through this special training institute. 

SFV will be a stronger better prepared collective community with important data to target and build a people's power machine., for a more self-sufficient and united SFV.​ These workshops with special speakers will present in this order. Join our workshops via Facebook Live. Every Wednesday from 3 PM - 5 PM.

Workshop # 1 Challenging the Empty Rhetoric of “Equity”: Dr. Martha Rivas

Workshop # 2 System Change: How do our efforts work together to improve well-being outcomes in our communities?: Dr. Alisa Orduña

Workshop # 3 A Time to Heal Together: Healing Racial Trauma Through Creative Play & Cultural Practice: Saba Mwine 

Workshop # 4 Development, Grant Writing & Fundraising Training: Dr. Megan Goulding

Workshop # 5 Professional Development Coaching: Laura Valles

Workshop # 6 Branding & Communication: David A. Kietzman

Workshop # 7 Understanding the Importance of Data: Elly Schoen

Workshop # 8 Celebration 

Associated Program: SFV Recovery Hub