The Reseda Loop project is in collaboration with the Trust for Public Land’s Los Angeles Program who work in cities and suburbs throughout Los Angeles County to improve environmental health in disadvantaged communities and increase access to parks and open space for all, making it easier to recreate, connect with nature, and reap the many health benefits that come with being outdoors.

Currently we are in Phase II of the Reseda River Loop (Project).  The Project includes a walking path on the north bank of the Los Angeles River, a pedestrian bridge over the Aliso Creek, as well as stormwater BMPs at the street ends that terminate at the LA River.  Project Partners have begun the design process and to date have completed 60% construction drawings, including conceptual review of the bridge by LA County Flood Control District.

The Project proposes to open to the public and make accessible an LA County maintenance road along the north bank of the LA River between Reseda Blvd on the east and Wilbur Ave on the west.  Additionally, a pedestrian bridge will connect this walking path to the existing LA River and Aliso Creek Confluence Park on the west side of the Aliso Creek.  Lastly, the street ends of both Yolanda and Amigo Avenues will be upgraded with stormwater BMPs to capture and clean stormwater before it is sent out to the LA River.  The community will be engaged on this project at every step to ensure clear communication, transparency, and buy‐in.  

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