Shance Taylor

Shance Taylor

TCC Project Lead

Shance is a Project Lead at Pacoima Beautiful, where their focus on spatial justice intertwines with a commitment to understanding the lasting impacts of segregative planning. In pursuit of creating environmentally sustainable spaces that embody principles of access and inclusion, they bring a passion for advocating for equitable and inclusive design and planning, particularly within the realms of housing and public spaces.

Prior to their role at Pacoima Beautiful, Shance contributed significantly to community development as a planner and designer at Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI). In this capacity, they played a pivotal role in amplifying the voices and needs of communities along the coast of southern California. Their work encompassed community engagement efforts for Strategic Plans, crafting long-term Vision Plans for public spaces, and engaging in design-build projects, including initiatives supporting previously unhoused youth. Shance firmly believes that all design, whether at the city scale or embodied in park signage, should echo the voices of those most affected by its implementation.

The genesis of Shance's commitment to sustainability and community engagement predates their tenure at KDI. During their time as an architectural designer in Portland, Maine, they aided in the redesign of Teen and Women's shelters. This formative experience instilled in them the significance of designing with both community voices and environmental considerations in mind — a principle that continues to guide their work. 

Outside the professional realm, Shance finds solace in nature, whether navigating meditative mountain trails or riding waves of energy while surfing. Shance is a graduate of the Southern California Institute of Architecture, where they earned a master's degree in Design of Cities, complementing their earlier achievement of a B.Arch from Iowa State University.