Miguel Luna

Miguel Luna

Board Member

Miguel Luna is a longtime champion for equity. As a Colombian immigrant, he is a firm believer in building people power. He is the founder of Urban Semillas, a community accelerator, building relationships among residents, their community-based organizations, businesses, elected officials, environmental organizations, academia, and government agencies.

In his practice, Miguel uses community-building skills to bolster resources in underserved and monolingual (Spanish-speaking) communities and foster participation in local and regional planning. Since 2007, he has also created several “Agua Universities”, youth-oriented educational courses on watershed issues.

Miguel Luna has served on several boards that focus on water education, pedestrian advocacy and mobility, youth education, economic development, open space conservation, and community access to the outdoors. When asked why he serves as a board member, he concisely said, “I enjoy it and keeps me real.”

Miguel Luna is sought after and respected locally, regionally, and statewide for his expertise in working with diverse communities on social justice issues and advocacy, and for his ability to utilize community reconnaissance in order to develop and implement effective outreach tools and mechanisms for grass-roots coalition building and consensus. Over the last two decades Mr. Luna has worked on issues and projects that have led to the augmentation of urban green space, bringing resources to underserved communities, and master planning projects at the city and county level.